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In the criminal justice system, fingerprinting is a power tool. Its uses in the criminal justice system have made it possible to convict guilty individuals with low odds of inaccuracy The FBI: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The evidence of fingerprints are enough for the conviction of criminals accused of a crime. Fingerprint identification effects are far more positive identifications of persons worldwide daily than any other human identification procedure especially because everything in life evolves and takes another form.

How Do My Fingerprints Form?

Crime is no exception it does the same thing as well. Crime is changing in the modern world we live in today and criminals are more sophisticated and intelligent then before. The computer world has brought many technological advancements and even the criminal justice system has benefit from it. One of the most useful gifts that was given to the system was fingerprint and palm print. This advancement brought with it advantages and disadvantages. The effects of these advances on the constitution can be surprising. The advances also affect the efficiency of the criminal justice system from the perspective of crime control.

These crucial findings can lead to recommendations concerning the use and reliance on these advances. Fingerprints are not new to a law enforcement investigation.

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Fingerprints have been around since people have been around and Law enforcement officials have been collecting fingerprints for over years. During this time fingerprints have not changed but the technology used to collect fingerprints and the way law enforcement officers collect fingerprints have changed. Law enforcement officials use powder, tape, ink, glue and various other ways to collect a fingerprint from a crime.

Murder, Madness, and Mayhem in America Blog

Some departments use computers to collect and scan a fingerprint. Sometimes this method would take days or weeks and sometimes months. New advances in technology have enabled computers to check fingerprints. This method has drastically reduced the amount of time of comparing fingerprints from days and weeks to minutes and hours. The technology involved in fingerprinting a criminal has also changed. This process copies the fingerprints on the paper. The computer pad copies the fingerprints and transfers them to a computer screen. This process is faster, cleaner, and the fingerprints come out clearer.

Not all departments use this process because of the cost. If the computer pad needs repaired or power is unavailable then law enforcement departments with this new technology would have to return to the paper method. The advances in fingerprinting have not only made it easier for law enforcement officials to do their job but it has also made it possible to determine the actual perpetrator faster.

The advancement has also made it possible for law enforcement to rule out suspects faster. The use of fingerprints to control crime is effective to a certain extent.

For example, if a fingerprint is found at a crime scene the print is useless until a match for that print is obtained; therefore, the print remains unusable until a match is obtain or an individual is arrested to match the print. More organizations would probably utilize this tool except for the simple fact that access to state and federal fingerprint databases for employment purposes requires legislated permission. The ability to use fingerprinting as a means of proving identity was revolutionary. What this did was offer an infallible means of ability to be able to verify personal identification.

How unis can beat the cheats by finding 'fingerprints' in their essays | The Canberra Times

This made the recording of criminals and their identities a common practice and method to be able to determine their culpability and involvement as suspects in future crimes. Fingerprinting and now palm printing are practices that have been in place for over years to provide accurate identification for criminals. In all of this time, no two-finger prints have ever been recorded to be identical in billions of human and automated computer scans and comparisons. They are the most commonly used forensic evidence in the world today and they continue to be the most common method for identifying persons as the database of finger and palm prints grows.

They remain an advantage for many reasons. Of all human characteristics they are one that never changes. They are a single unique attribute that can only belong to the single individual and can guarantee an absolute match. The biggest advantage is why they are still in use today and considered the most effective means of identification, if a finger print matches; you have successfully identified the person it belongs to without question.

In our criminal justice system we live by a rule that has made this country great, one is considered innocent until proven guilty. The biggest disadvantage with this method is that the majority of the records on file are from criminals. If a match comes back and the person with the print has no record then there is no way to find that person because they have never been caught as a criminal.

Finger and palm printing databases only consists of individuals who have committed crimes and have criminal records and even this may not be true in all cases, some jurisdictions choose to only fingerprint specific types of crimes. Even then if a person has had their finger or palm print matched to their criminal records, the identified print check needs to still be validated by the prosecuting jurisdiction to ensure that the record is accurate and up to date.

These types of databases like most databases can be heavily flawed. The biggest disadvantage that these methods have to offer is that only criminals are recorded. Fingerprints and palm prints have been used for at least a century but have recently become computerized to help identify people whether or not involved in a crime or any other situation. The Automated Fingerprint Identification System AFIS technology is used to show all of the ridges and dots and any other information that can be determined from the fingerprints and palm prints.

When technology was able to enter fingerprints, and match them with anonymous ones, it helped identification immensely Better Essays words 2. Introduction and purpose; Humans make finger contact with a variety of surfaces and objects on a constant basis. These can range from a variety of different surfaces; light and dark, porous or non-porous, rough or smooth.

Such factors contribute to the visibility of the fingerprint. Better Essays words 7.

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  • One piece of evidence that is almost impossible to cover up is prints. Because of the difficulty behind covering prints, they are the most important part of solving a crime. The types of prints range from Fingerprints to palm prints and even lip prints can be used to solve a crime.

    Unique Fingerprint Patterns

    Prints are the most important piece of evidence because prints are left everywhere anyone touches, they are not easily covered up, all prints are unique, and because many parts of your body produce prints without you even trying Better Essays words 4. The types are the plain whorl, double loop whorl, accidental whorl, and central pocket loop whorl. The three major classes of fingerprints are important because they can help determine which suspect was at the crime scene. They can also help narrow down people and eventually lead to one.

    The three major classes of fingerprints include sub classes known as ridge patterns. A plain arch is the type of pattern where the ridges enter on one side of the finger, make a wave or a rise in the center and tend to flow out the opposite side of the finger Thieves were deprived of the hand that was used to commit the crime and ancient romans used tattooing to mark soldiers to prevent desertion of their ranks.

    Before the s law enforcement officers with visual memories identified previously arrested offenders by sight. Photography lessened the burden on memory but was did not solve the criminal identification problem because personal appearances change. Alphonse Bertillon, a French anthropologist, devised a system to measure and record the dimensions of certain parts of the body Better Essays words 3. Data from 30 people for all ten fingers using a multispectral fingerprint scanner from Lumidigm Venus series was collected. Multispectral sensors were specially used as they were effective for application.

    They were designed to function when the fingers are wet with dripping water, and they can acquire an image when the finger is not in contact with the platen Biometrics involves using the different parts of the body, such as the fingerprint or the iris, as a password or another form of identification. This is said to be the security of the future.

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    Think about all of the situations that we face in life that will either destroy you or help scientific matter. Currently, fingerprints are used to identify criminals for crime scene. Biometrics is being used more by the public